St. Johns and fountain during summer session at Creighton University

Summer Tuition

Summer Session tuition and Fees

Summer session tuition and fees 2021

Summer Session Tuition Rates

(per credit hour)

Undergraduate Courses $800
College of Professional Studies Programs  
    BS-EMS $886
College of Professional Studies Online Programs  
    Healthy Lifestyle Management $500
    Leadership $500
    EMS Paramedic Degree Completion $500
Auditing Courses $667
Summer Session Fees '21
University Fee $70
University Technology Fee $118
Heider College of Business Technology Fee $20 per course ($60 cap)
Laboratory Fees for Each Course with Lab
(applicable courses with labs: BIO, CHM, EVS, EXS, PHY, PSY)
$60 per course ($120 cap)