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Consumer Information

Consumer Information

As part of the University’s participation in federal student aid programs, Creighton University, along with all other participating higher educational institutions, is required to provide information to potential and current students regarding a wide variety of academic, financial and personal use issues which should be considered when making a choice of which institution to attend for a college education. Below are listed the topics covered by this requirement and where you can find additional information. If you need assistance in locating a particular topic or you have technical problems, please let the Financial Aid Office personnel know so we can provide assistance.

Admissions and Academic Information

This information is available at the Registrar's website under the Bulletin for each year/school.

Athletic Information

For the following, contact the Athletic Department Compliance Director:

Transfer out and Graduation Rates
Athletic Participation and Financial Support Report


Financial information is available at the Financial Aid website.

Creighton University's Office of Financial Aid adheres to the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA) Statement of Ethical Principals and Code of Conduct.

  • Net Price Calculator
  • Refund Policy & Return of Title IV Funds
  • Rights/Responsibilities of aid recipients

Gainful Employment

Creighton University is choosing to early-implement the rescission of the Gainful Employment Rule in accordance with the Gainful Employment Electronic Announcement #122 – Early Implementation of the Rescission of the Gainful Employment Rule as well as the Final Rule 34 CFR Parts 600 and 668. This policy is effective July 1, 2019.

Creighton University understands that by utilizing the early implementation process, the University is no longer required to report Gainful Employment (GE) data for the 2018-19 award year to NSLDS. By choosing to early implement, Creighton University will no longer be required to post the GE Disclosure Template and any other GE Disclosures that are required under 34 CFR 68.412 on our web pages.

Health & Safety

Information is available at the Public Safety website, unless otherwise linked. 


What is misrepresentation?

Misrepresentation is defined as a false, erroneous or misleading statement made directly or indirectly to a student, prospective student, any member of the public, an accrediting agency, a state agency or the Department of Education.

A misleading statement includes any statement that has the likelihood or tendency to deceive. A statement is any communication made in writing, visually, orally, or through other means. This applies to statements made by a school, one of its representatives, or any third party for which the institution has agreements to provide educational programs or provide marketing, advertising, recruiting, or admissions services.

Substantial misrepresentation is defined as any misrepresentation on which the person to whom it was made could reasonably be expected to rely, or has reasonably relied, to that person detriment.

Creighton University intends to relay true and accurate information in all forms. Creighton University prohibits all forms of substantial misrepresentations or misleading statements, including those made in any advertising or promotional materials.

Student Life and General University Policies

Unless linked elsewhere the information about student life is available in the Student Handbook

  • State Authorization
  • Student Diversity
  • Textbook Information
  • Voter Registration:
  • This information is provided to students in order to comply with Section 487(a)(23) of the Higher Education Act of 1965 and the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (NVRA) that requires all higher education institutions to make available voter registration forms to their students.
  • Nebraska students, visit to register to vote in Nebraska.
  • For students from states other than Nebraska, visit this page to learn how to register to vote in your home districts and access necessary forms.

Teacher Preparation Report

Contact the Education Department Chair