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Aid for Accelerated Nursing Students

Below, a short outline describes important information about costs and financial aid at Creighton and items to pay close attention to when accepting your aid.

Cost of Attendance

Your tuition and fees at Creighton will be billed each semester. Within your total cost of attendance, you will see both your direct costs to Creighton (tuition and fees), as well as more generalized costs you will likely incur outside of Creighton as you pursue this degree (such as personal housing).

Cost of Attendance
  Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3
Tuition & Fees
Directly billed by Creighton
$18,024 $18,024 $18,024
Living Expenses $8,100 $8,100 $8,100
Books & Supplies $500 $500 $500
Travel $400 $400 $400

Completing Your Financial Aid

Throughout your program at Creighton, you will need to file two FAFSAs and accept your financial aid offer two times. FAFSAs for the upcoming year open in October (for example, October 2020 for the 2021-22 FAFSA), which should give you plenty of time to file in advance of starting your program.

Fall Cohort Semester 1, Semester 2 Semester 3
Spring Cohort Semester 1 Semester 2, Semester 3

STEP 1. Complete the FAFSA

This is the first step to establishing eligibility for all federal and state student aid programs. 

If needed, you may also complete private/alternative loan applications, outlined below.

STEP 2: Other Student Loan Options

The Federal Nursing Loan has a fixed interest rate of 5% with no loan origination fees. The Federal Nursing Loan does not accrue interest while in school nor during the nine month grace period before repayment begins.

Students applying for Private/Alternative loans will need to select a lender and complete their loan application. Information and links to these Private/Alternatives loan lenders can be found here.  Remember your program will cross two academic years so you will need to complete two Private/Alternative loan applications, one for each year.

STEP 3: Refund (if you are receiving funds in excess of tuition and fees)

Disbursement of funds are 5 days prior to the start of each semester

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of aid can I receive?

This program is a second bachelor’s program, so you’re still an undergraduate student. That means that you may qualify for federal loans, depending on your FAFSA eligibility, but you will not qualify for any federal grants. Many of our students pursue private loans in addition to any federal loan options.

Are there scholarships available?

Creighton does not have institutional grants or scholarships available for incoming Accelerated Nursing students. Limited scholarships may be available as you continue in this program.

Can I use my veteran’s benefits?

Creighton University has proudly supported military personnel and their families for more than 100 years.  We are a Yellow Ribbon school and will work with you personally to understand your benefits through the Accelerated Nursing program.


Feel free to contact us during business hours at 402.280.2731 or 800.282.5835 to set up an appointment to discuss your financial aid. You can also email Robert Herman, Associate Director of Financial Aid-Undergraduate Students at